Spring Has Sprung!

Today is the first day of Spring! Woo Hoo! Spring is my favorite season. Rebirth occurs in Spring. I was born in April. The weather gets warmer. More skirts get worn. Good stuff.

Prior to last fall, I would only decorate my home for Christmas. Despite me creating home décor items for my clients, I just did not decorate my home.

Last fall, I decided that every season I would decorate parts of my home for each of the four seasons. I used fabric remnants to create décor for my work office.

Fall 2016 Office Décor
Fall 2016 Office Décor

I may even decorate for holidays other than Christmas when I complete the seasonal décor. I’m not sure yet.  Storage space is at a premium in my home.

For several years, I searched for a spring/summer wreath for my front door.  I never found a wreath that I wanted to purchase.  My frustration lead me to buy the materials and create my own.


My home is officially ready for Spring 2017.  I created a wreath for my front door, four floral vases, three square tablecloths and four envelope pillow cases for sofa throw pillows.

Spring Wreath

Four Floral Vases
Four Envelope Pillow Cases
Square Tablecloth

Happy Spring!

Crystal L. Cochren