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Red and White Polka Dot Box Pleated Midi Skirt, Scarf & Pocket Square
Red and White Polka Dot Box Pleated Midi Skirt, Scarf & Pocket Square

I am a wife, mother of two young children, hospice chaplain, preacher, chaplain intern and runner who is always on the go. With my many roles comes many bags. I have lots of bags. Lots of bags. I have a diaper bag for diapers, wipes, snacks, and coloring books. I have a work bag for my planner, laptop, prayer books, and patient face sheets. I have a knapsack for my internship where I keep my other laptop, course materials, and books. I have a tote bag where I keep my supplies for facilitating the women’s ministry at church. I have a gym bag where I keep my towel, and weight gloves. Did I mention I have lots of bags? Every time I change roles, I have to change bags. With that, it becomes really easy to forget one of the key items I always need.

Enter the Olyvia bag from Interwoven Creations by Crystal.

Usability: Since using the Olyvia bag, I haven’t forgotten any of my necessary items. This bag serves as my constant catch-all. It holds my phone, keys, wallet, a pen, lipstick, feminine products, and my business cards–basically everything I need whenever I leave the house. I can keep my essentials together, which helps a great deal when mommy brain sets in. I never have to ask, “Where are my keys?” because I know they are in my Olyvia bag. The bag is also great because it fits neatly into all of my other bags. When I need to make a quick switch of roles it’s as simple as grabbing Olyvia from one bag and tossing it into another. When I need to make a mad dash to the grocery store or Target or to pick the girls up from school and I don’t need a bag, Olyvia comes with me. Olyvia is like the friend I didn’t know I needed, but now cannot imagine my life without her.

Cute Factor: My Olyvia bag is a light purple color with dark purple swirls. It is just girly enough for me without being sugary sweet. It has a green zipper, which complements the purple nicely. The color and print are also subtle enough for me to carry it with almost any outfit–work, casual, or gym. The inside fabric is brown with multicolored dots. If there was one thing that I wanted from the bag that wasn’t present, it would be that it was reversible. The print on the inside was as cute as the outside!

Quality/Durability: I’ve had my bag for over a month. It’s been used by itself and tossed from bag to bag. It has been taken to “Show and Tell” and manhandled by 25 four year-olds (something purple, anyone). It’s been used as a “lovie” for at least three nights by my two year old in her crib until I confiscated it back. Through it all, the seams are tight, the zipper is intact, and none of the material has frayed.

All in all, I would recommend the Olyvia bag to anyone who leads a busy life and needs a good bag to keep the essentials together. And if Olyvia is not for you, rest assured Interwoven Creations by Crystal has a line of high quality and cute bags to suit your needs!

Olyvia in my work bag on one of my many patient visits.

Client's Olyvia Bag
Client’s Olyvia Bag


Pumpkin Orange Crochet Scarf
Pumpkin Crochet Scarf

“The pumpkin crochet scarf is so lovely. I can’t wait to wear it in my family pictures.” ~ E.A.


“Interwoven Creations by Crystal is THE place to buy authentic hand-crafted crochet items. If it’s quality you’re looking for then you’re in the right place! Recently, I had the pleasure of purchasing several items from Interwoven Creations by Crystal and I love the way the yarn feels on my skin. Soft enough for babies but durable enough, with exquisite detail, to ensure that items can be passed down for generations. I also love all the assorted stunning colors; colors that are difficult and sometimes impossible to find in a typical shopping experience. Furthermore, the professionalism is amazing in that customer satisfaction is a priority and purchases come with a personalized thank you note from master crafter, Crystal. Orders are either easily placed on-line or by other acceptable methods and are received timely for that big event. Also, special orders are welcome. Who could ask for more?! I’m so excited about my connection to this company and I highly recommend that those who appreciate quality also give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.” ~ Kathy Wilson Jones, Richmond, Virginia


My client, L.S., shared the birth announcement for her daughter featuring this Pink Lemonade Infant Hat with White Flower that I crocheted for her. (photo by Stacy Mae Photography)


“I love my black curly scarf and the matching hat. I matches my winter coat perfectly. I love it that the hat fits my hair.” ~ A.J.


“My black scarf is so warm and fuzzy. I have gotten so many complements on it. Thank you, Interwoven Creations by Crystal! I certainly will be ordering more custom items soon.” ~ A.M.